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VR-D1 Larry Bensmiller/Tara Weidmark
On time
Updated: Jan 15 at 6:00 PM
VR-D4 Sharon Bates
On time
Updated: Jan 15 at 6:00 PM

Our Students

All students deserve an opportunity to successfully learn in a safe and caring environment.


Wear pink to show your support in anti-bullying!

Charity Game

Thank you to everyone who showed support for our school and the arena

Awards Night

Celebrate success and recognize excellence.

School Bus Safety

Reds Flashing. No Passing!
It's everyone's responsibility.

What's Happening at DS

Nov 15 - Dewberry School Releases 16-17 AERR

http://dewberry.btps.ca/documents/general/Dewberry AERR 2016-17.pdf

Jun 10 - 2016/17 Timetable

 http://dewberry.btps.ca/documents/general/Full Dewberry Timetable 2016-17 June 10.pdf

May 4 - Breakfast Club

Breakfast club still going strong. Thanks for your support!

Upcoming Events

There are no events coming up in the next week.

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