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Mom's Pantry Sales - School Council Fundraiser

Dewberry School Council is excited to bring back “Mom’s Pantry” as their fall fundraiser for Dewberry School.  Dewberry School Council prides itself in making great contributions to the school and students in our community.  Over the past few years, Dewberry School Council has been able to provide support for student agendas, provide funding for elementary swimming lessons, purchase technologies to display important school information and has continued to support various breakfast and lunch programs for the school.  


In order to continue the support the Dewberry School Council has joined forces with “Mom’s Pantry.”  As always, the selection and quality is fantastic. In order for you to support the school and students, there are 2 ways to order:

  1. Online


Raising funds for Dewberry School

Order #: 297216

Group passcode #: 16310

  1. Paper order forms

Please contact Mrs. Stevenson at the school 

(780-847-3051 or melanie.stevenson@btps.ca) if 

you prefer paper order forms.


Order Deadline is Monday, November 4, 2019.  We hope to have all items back from Mom’s Pantry by November 30, just in time for Christmas baking!

Thanks for the community's ongoing support!