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Accepting 2020-2021 New Registrations

New to the area? Student going from Kindergarten to Grade One? Thinking about attending Dewberry School? We are accepting new registrations for the 2020-2021 school year! You can access the registration forms online, or give Ms. Fehr a call at the office. Reminder to all Dewberry Kindergarten parents that you will need to register your students through Ms. Fehr as soon as possible if you are planning for your student to attend Dewberry School for Grade 1.

Phone: 780 847 3051


Please see the following letter with further information from Ms. Fehr: 

Dear Parents

We certainly hope you and your family are well in this unusual and stressful time.  While we are uncertain what next school year will look like, education for your child will continue in some format and capacity.  Please check the school’s facebook page / twitter feed / website and as soon as we have more information about programming for next year we will share it out.  Attached are the registration form and technology use form for your child going into grade one next year.  We would appreciate it you could return these forms to the school soon so that they can be entered into our system to prepare for next year.

For school bus services in 2020-21 please contact the bus department to register your child online through the BTPS Website: http://www.btps.ca/Transportation.php.  Click the transportation link to find the “register online” link.  It is required to register your child as they move from Dewberry ECS to Dewberry School.  As decisions are made about how and when bussing will happen, you will be contacted directly by the transportation department or your bus driver.  Please register your child as usual if they are eligible to ride or you want to apply for in town bussing.  

These forms can be returned using our intown drop off / pick up bin located outside the main school door on Mondays or by mail, fax or email.  Call the main office at (780) 847-3051 to make other arrangements if necessary.  

Thank you in advance for returning these forms as soon as possible.  Please phone if you have questions or concerns.  

Ms. A. Fehr

Administrative Assistant