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Dewberry School is a grade 1-12 school situated in the village of Dewberry, AB. The school prides itself in being a small, close knit school community whereby strong personal relationships between, staff, students, parents, and community serve as the foundation for a quality learning environment in a safe and caring atmosphere. Students benefit from learning environments that are lead by knowledgeable and innovative educators who utilize effective instructional and assessment strategies to engage students. These learning environments are enhanced through the use of digital technologies and multimedia in the most modern of classrooms.


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Working Together For Success


At Dewberry School, our mission is to nurture every student's potential, ensuring their academic growth and personal development in a safe and supportive setting.


Our vision at Dewberry School is to be a beacon of educational excellence and innovation. We aspire to cultivate a community of learners who are not only academically proficient but also empathetic and globally aware citizens. Inspired by the ethos of Buffalo Trail Public Schools, we aim to guide our students towards becoming dynamic leaders who value lifelong learning and contribute positively to society, locally and globally.

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