At Dewberry School we pride ourselves on offering a multitude of unique programming opportunities for students. We house the private Kindergarten and offer programming for grades 1-12. We offer access to Leveled Literacy Intervention, Haggerty programming, practice Guided Reading and Words Their Way for students in grades 1-9 to boost literacy skills. We offer leveled math intervention programming for grades 1-6. Apart from core courses, in Elementary, we offer options that incorporate daily physical activity, the fine arts, and the performing arts. 

In Junior High we offer all core subjects and a variety of Career and Technology Foundations (CTF) options that allow for hands on learning opportunities. We also have access to 3D printing, coding, and sublimation. Further extra-curricular programming involves a wide variety of after school sports, coached by knowledgeable and skilled community members and staff, art clubs, and special interests groups developed yearly based on students' interests and needs. 

High School programming is provided to students in a multitude of modalities including traditional classroom offerings, synchronous videoconferencing course offerings, asynchronous online courses, off campus CTS programming through Lakeland College, Green Certificate, and work experience. The overall result is a rich array of learning environments that not only provide students with a generous selection of programs, but also promotes the development of learning skills in wide variety of learning experiences.

Off Campus Programs

CTS Trades & Dual Credit Programs