Staff Directory


Photo of Tamara Stachniak

Mrs. Tamara Stachniak

Principal, Social 30, Gr 5/6 Literacy, Jr Environmental Stewardship

Phone: 780-581-5136

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Anne Fehr

Ms. Anne Fehr

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 780-847-3051


Photo of Kelsie Peterson

Miss Kelsie Peterson

Grade 1/2, Levelled Literacy Intervention, Jr Science & Design Studies

Photo of Melanie Stevenson

Mrs. Melanie Stevenson

Grade 5/6, Jr. Science & French

Photo of Arnell Dennill

Mrs. Arnell Dennill

Grade 1 to 4 Social Studies, Elementary Art, Music, Drama

Photo of Rebekah Surina

Miss Rebekah Surina

Grade 3 & 4, 1/2/3 phys-ed, Jr high tourism

Photo of Kurt McLean

Mr. Kurt McLean

Jr and Sr High Math, Phys-Ed Gr 4 - 12, Jr Financial Management

Photo of Tyson Lancaster

Mr. Tyson Lancaster

Social & English Gr. 7 to 11, Agriculture, Inclusive Learning Coach

Educational Assistants

Photo of Rhonda Ward

Mrs. Rhonda Ward

Educational Assistant

Photo of Stacey Nelson

Mrs. Stacey Nelson

Educational Assistant