Pay Fees

Tips for How to Pay Fees

Fees can be paid for student's school fees, fundraising events (such as the community calendar, school activities (ie swimming, field trips...) using the Pay Fees link under the Parent page.

Some fields are mandatory as the design is for students school fees.  If you do not have information for one of the fields fill in what you can.

Alberta Student Number: - (can be 111111111 for example) 

Student Full Name: - Student Name (or Person sending money's name).

Grade: - can be any grade

Payment for: BTPS Transportation Fees, BTPS School Fees or Other (any other reason) - choose one of these items

Details of this Payment:  If this payment is not for BTPS fees please give enough details in this area to explain your payment.  Indicate if you wish a receipt and where to send it.  

Amount to pay:  The amount you are wishing to pay

Click the red "Pay with PayPal or Credit Card" link.




Use the form below to submit your payment via PayPal.